Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 2:41PM
Lisa M. Hunter, M.A., LMFT in 2014, Mindfulness, Relationships, Self-Care

 Still looking for one word for 2014? Consider the word 'CHOICES'. Stuck in a personal rut or unhealthy relationship cycle? We all have CHOICES about how we think about our situation, what we do about it, and how we respond to those around us. As humans we are wired to pay attention to the negative. Think about what would happen to our ancestors if they weren't hyper-sensitive to any potential threats (negatives). They'd be wiped out by a saber tooth tiger or other unforseen threat! However, if they passed up a watering hole or fruit tree (both positives), chances are they would pass another at some point, so it wasn't as critical to notice the positive around them. Paying attention to the negative was critical while noticing the positive wasn't beneficial when the name of the game was survival. This is where the work comes in for those of us whose lives aren't in daily jeopardy, and who desire to live happily. YOU HAVE A CHOICE AS TO WHAT YOU PAY ATTENTION TO.  If you are new to this process, in the beginning stages paying attention to the positive takes commitment and perseverance. It's not natural. Your brain isn't wired to pay attention to the positive. With time and practice, paying attention to the positive can become second-nature, and when it does, how you view yourself and the world around will shift, and your life will become the life you envision it to be.

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